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The Premium Separator for Oil Mist Collection

Attributable to the increasing productivity in modern manufacturing, the energy input is growing constantly, in particular with machining processes where cooling lubricants are used. As a logical consequences, much higher requirements are made in the separation of ultra-fine mists and fumes. To meet these, the Handte Oil Expert series provides for optimum results even under the most challenging conditions.

With its extremely clear-cut design and convincing results, the separation system leaves nothing to be desired. The Handte Oil Expert features premium collection efficiency under the most challenging conditions. Other key benefits of the product series include:

  • PROGRESSIVE FILTRATION DESIGN: FOR HIGHEST SEPARATION EFFICIENCY - The progressive design boasting ascending filter classes with coarse separator mesh for high contamination, the standard Camfil APC CoaPack diffusion filter stages provided as a preliminary filter, fine filter and the optional downstream final stage make it possible to configure the separator for simple applications or for highly complex requirements such as clean air recirculation, also for ultra-fine mists and fumes generated in the course of high-performance machining.
  • MODULAR DESIGN: FOR FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION - The compact modular design provides for easy, efficient adaptation of Handte Oil Expert to the customer's individual requirements and installation situation. It is available in four standardized basic modules with different air flows which can be combined in a large central system. State-of-the-art technology allows for flexible adjustment to take our production conversions or extensions and put in changes to production.
  • INNOVATIVE NEW FILTER Media: FOR A LONG LIFETIME - The particular structure of the standard Camfil APC CoaPack filter material combines premium separation performance with self-cleaning features via optimum drainage of the separated cooling lubricant. The excellent collection performance ensures extremely long filter life of the optional HEPA final filter.
  • VERY EASY FILTER CHANGE: FOR SIMPLE, CLEAN MAINTENANCE - The operation of the Handte Oil Expert is practically maintenance free. Filter changes are clean and easy and require no tools. The closed filter cassettes can be removed without being exposed to the oil soiled filter materials.
Handte Oil Expert Mist Collector

The Handte Oil Expert Mist Collector

The Handte Oil Expert Offers

  • Economically efficient separation of ultra-fine CL mists and fumes
  • Collection efficiencies at 99.97% on 0.3 micron and higher particle size with the optional HEPA final filter.
  • Optional clean air recirculation
  • Long lifetime of the filter stages
  • More efficient than conventional systems
  • Suitable for continuous 3-shift operation
  • Air flow can be adjusted without affecting the collection efficiency
  • Operator-friendly thanks to practically maintenance-free unit design
  • Service-friendly thanks to tool free filter changes with quick-acting clamp
  • Plug-and-play delivery

Customized System Design & Innovative Filter Media

Cascade design of the collector with ascending filter classes for individual combination matching the machining process

FAN - Integrated or on-top fans designed pursuant to the latest efficiency standards provide for a reliable, constant extraction power in accordance with the customer's individual requirements. With integrated fans, the compact noise insulation is enclosed in the housing. The units are delivered ready for plug & play without any additional assembly required at the installation.

OPTIONAL HEPA FINAL FILTER - Collection efficiencies at 99.97% on .3 micron and higher particle size

COAPACK - Camfil APC's standard CoaPack pre- and fine filter stages are the heart of the Handte Oil Expert. Configured to meet the individual requirements, the multi-layer filter elements achieve highest collection efficiency at a very small differential pressure thanks to the maximum filter area possible in compact design. Developed for optimized drainage, the Camfil APC CoaPack filter elements are self-regenerating. The cascade design of the filter stages provides for an additional self-cleaning effect.

COARSE FILTER STAGE - The coarse filter stage is intended for high dirty air loads and contamination and ensures a long service life of the downstream filter stages.

FLUID COLLECTOR - Due to the self-regeneration of the filter elements, the separated cooling lubricant is discharged from the filter media downwards into the integrated fluid collector. Via circulation pump station or a siphon and discharged by gravity, the cooling lubricant can be fed to a facility for treatment, re-use or disposal.


Filter cassette with media separators

FILTER CASSETTE WITH MEDIA SEPARATORS FOR MAXIMUM FILTER AREA - The Camfil APC CoaPack filter element provides for a maximum filter area with compact design. This construction ensures a homogeneous flow and optimum utilization of diffusion and coalescence, which is a relevant separation mechanism for ultra-fine mists. The small load acting on the filter surface reduces the energy consumption and significantly increases the service life of the filter element.

IDEAL DRAINAGE PERFORMANCE FOR OPTIMUM FILTER REGENERATION - The powerful filtration of the units of the Handte Oil Expert series is attributable to the maximum possible balance between separation performance and regeneration of the separated CL from the filter media. This goal is achieved by using drainage-friendly materials in connection with special drainage support mats, protective screens, and spacers. The flow direction of the filter media further supports the draining of the dirty air to the raw gas side.

HIGHEST SEPARATION PERFORMANCE AND ULTRA-LONG LIFETIME - In practice, the degree of separation of the cooling lubricant aerosols primarily depend on the distribution of particle size and their mass ratio in the supplied process exhaust air flow. The Handte Oil Expert is characterized in particular by its excellent separation efficiency with high dirty sir loads and ultra-fine mists fractions while offering very long lifetimes and energy-efficient operation.

CLEAN MAINTENANCE, EASY FILTER CHANGE - Thanks to its functional design, the Handte Oil Expert is practically maintenance-free. Quick-acting clamps ensure that all scheduled changes of the filter cartridges are easy and require no tools, thus ensuring minimum down time. For easy, simple changing, the filter cartridges are accessed from the outside. The Camfil APC transport carriage, available as an accessory, provides for drip-free removal of the filter cartridges – a perfect complement for the well-thought-out service concept.

Easy maintenance

Fast-acting clamps ensure easy filter change-out, and the available transport carriage provides drip-free removal of the filter cartridges.

Basic Modules in Flexible Combinations

Top Element Modules

1. Connecting box
For use with external fan. For optimum flexibility, duct work to external fan can be connected to either side to minimize duct.

2. Integrated fan
High-grade fan of compact design, with integrated noise insulation.

3. Top mount fan
For use in connection with a downstream silencer.

HEPA Final Filter

4. Final filter stage
Available as an option for particulates less than 1 micron, such as smoke, and to recirculate the air.

Handte Oil Expert Modlules

Main Filter Stage Module

5. Main filter stage
For Camfil APC CoaPack diffusion filter cartridges and optional use of the coarse filter stage for high contamination or clean air recirculation.

Bottom Element Modules

6. Fluid collector for installation on platforms
Downward CL discharge via siphon or by gravity.

7. Fluid collector with recirculation pump station
If discharge by gravity is impossible, or for feeding into the CL recirculation supply of the machine tools. Integrated pumps available in two sizes.

8. Fluid collector for floor installation
Discharge of the cooling lubricant via siphon and by gravity.

9. Compact dirty air transition for connection to circular pipes

Efficient Applications in Line with Individual Requirements


By freely combining different basic modules, it is possible to design economically efficient central extraction systems for each individual requirement, catering for air volumes of 41,000 cfm or more. The modular concept of the Handte Oil Expert series furthermore provides for smooth, cost-efficient production conversions or extensions during ongoing operation.


  • Standardized design for quick delivery times
  • Optimized basic modules for highest utilization of capacity
  • Easy transport and installation
  • Easy to increase capacity for increased changes in production
Combined Handte Oil Expert Collectors

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