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Top Collection Efficiencies Up to 99.95%

We consistently achieve high separation performance by designing our filter materials to meet specific needs or to handle a given droplet spectrum and through the optimized flow-engineered multistage design of our units:

  • FINAL FILTER - We offer final safety HEPA filters that are 99.97% efficient on .3 micron and larger particles.
  • SELF-REGENERATING SEPARATION STAGES - Optimum on separation efficiency and drainage due to two self-regenerating demister. The self-regeneration is achieved via diagonally placed filter elements with a slight incline, as well through the material selection and packing density of our filter cassettes.
  • SIMPLE SETUP - Handte EM Profi Units are easy to install (plug & play), and can be modified and flexible expanded with optional accessories.

Our Units Result in High-End Solutions Like Guarantees Including:

  • UNPARALLELED COST-EFFECTIVENESS - Our standard-equipped self-cleaning system yields safe operation, long-term durability and long maintenance intervals.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC SPRAYER - This patented system counteracts emulsion clumping. That means that our separators can be operated almost maintenance-free.
  • BEST PERFORMING MIST SEPARATOR - Our two stage filtration offers efficiencies of 99.9% on 1 micron and larger particles. Our compact corrosion proof filter elements can be washed and reused.
High-end Features

The Ultimate in User Friendliness

Our units are extremely easy to maintain. Large service doors and quick-lock latches make it possible for a single person to easily perform installation and removal from the floor.

Single-person filter installation and removal

Basic Modules in Flexible Combinations

  • Ground/Platform versions with optional return pump station (recirculating separated fluids by pump)
  • Filter module (Main & Final filter)
  • Connection box for use with an external fan, connection either left, right or rear
  • Built-in fan, in compact design with integrated sound insulation
  • Top mount fan
Basic modules in flexible combinations

Modular Assembly

  • Highest planning reliability and short delivery time
  • Easy transport and installation
  • Simple extension/adaptation
  • Minimum space requirement, maximum performance by optimizing basic modules

Sizing and Air Volume

  • 3.0/1,700 cfm
  • 4.5/2,600 cfm
  • 6.0/3,500 cfm
  • 9.0/5,300 cfm
  • 13.5/8,000 cfm
Modular Assembly

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