Case Studies


  • Farr Gold Series Finds A Home In Blasting Application - Government Affiliated Agency
  • Our System Is Here to Stay - Lapeyre Stair
  • Castings Call Makes Farr Gold Series a Star - Webster Foundry
  • Farr Gold Series Blasts Away Dust Problems - Brewton Iron Works
  • Destroyer Manufacturer Defeats Blasting and Paint Dust with Farr Gold Series - ASC
  • Farr Gold Series Exalted by Crown - Crown Equipment
  • World Leader in Agriculture Spraying Technology Grows with Farr Gold Series - Hardi Australia
  • Farr Gold Series® Provides Iron-Clad Cleanup for Steel Company - Bisalloy Steel

Chemical Processing

  • Cable Maker Wired for Farr Gold Series® - General Cable
  • Desiccant Dust Causes Thirst for Farr Gold Series Solution - Munters, Inc.
  • Farr Gold Series Puts on a Coating That Sticks - Dolphin Coatings
  • Farr Gold Series Cleans Up Detergent Dust Dilemma - Amway Global
  • A Pair of Farr Gold Series at a Battery Component Manufacturer - Entek International
  • Potassium Sulfate Maker Reclaims Valuable Product with Farr Gold Series - Big Quill Resources
  • Dust Collector for Fumes From a Lead Furnace - Creator Teknisk
  • Dust Collector Serving Solar Panel Production - Solar Panel Manufacturer
  • Farr Gold Series Dust Collector on Dosage Devices - MCP HEK

Fibrous/Fluffy Dusts

  • Farr Gold Series Makes Impression on Foam Seat Mold Process - Bridgestone APM
  • Hay Exporter Reaches Last Straw with Dust Issues - Ward Rugh, Inc.
  • Dependable Hay Producer Depends on Farr Gold Series - Ward Rugh, Inc.
  • Not Your Ordinary Plastic Dust - Advanced Trim Works
  • Farr Gold Series on High for Capturing "Fuzz 'n' Fly" - Premix

Fine Powder

  • Camfil APC Tackles Toner Dust - Toner Cartridge Manufacturer
  • Farr Gold Series and HemiPleat Clean Up the Competition - Tri-Gemini

Food Processing

  • Food Producer Builds Appetite for Farr Gold Series - Nestle
  • Spice Mixing in ISO 6 Classified Production Cells - Huijbregts Group
  • Farr Gold Series Collecting Food Dust is Food for Thought - Food Processor
  • Farr Gold Series® Convinces Supplement Maker to Bag Baghouses - Midwest PMS


  • Farr Gold Series Clear Choice for Glass Fabricator - Viracon, Inc.

Metalworking - Aftermarket Retrofits

  • Don't Let This Happen To Your Clean Air System - Quantum Metals, Inc.

Metalworking - Forging and Recycling

  • Forging Ahead With Farr Gold Series - Western Forge
  • Fast Lead Time Results in Short Down Time - Masterloy
  • Company of Brass, Bronze and Copper Invests in Farr Gold Series - National Bronze & Metals, Inc.
  • Farr Gold Series for Cast Valves Manufacturing - Terrill Bros. Ltd
  • Farr Gold Series Breaks the Mold on Foundry Dust and Fume Collection - Watts Water Technologies

Metalworking - Other

  • Powerful Filtration System Implemented Successfully - Auto Manufacturer
  • Farr Gold Series Protects Against Dust From Aluminum Linishing Processes - Global Automotive Company

Metalworking - Sanding, Grinding and Buffing

  • Body Parts Processed with Clear Lungs in Farr Booths - Ogihara American Corporation
  • Watch Maker Makes Time for Dust Collection Safety, Energy Savings - Micro-Mechanics
  • In Trial by Fire, Farr Gold Series and HemiPleat Succeed - Héroux-Devtek


  • Farr Gold Series High-efficiency Cartridge Dust Collectors
    Slash Emissions, Save Water and Energy for Major Mine

Laser Cutting

  • Camfil APC Farr Gold Series Torques Torit - Briggs & Stratton
  • Farr Gold Series® Standing Tall in the City of Lakes - Tennant Company

Paper Scrap

  • Farr Gold Series Performs in Dust-Defying Balancing Act - Trader Publishing
  • Farr Gold Series for a New Filter Paper Production Facility - GE Healthcare
  • Farr Gold Series Exceeds Sustainability Challenge - Precision Press, Inc.


  • Twin Farr Gold Series Units Deliver Non-Stop Dust Collection - Vitamin Manufacturer
  • HemiPleat Nearly Quadruples Cartridge Life Cycle - Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Camtain™ Captures Potent Pharma Compound Dusts - Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Farr Gold Series Serving BOSCH Manesty Tablet Coating Machines - BOSCH Manesty
  • Farr Gold Series for New Small Scale Manufacturing Facility - GlaxoSmithKline
  • Using Surrogate Testing to Determine Selection and Performance
    of Contained Dust Collection Systems
  • HemiPleat® Nano Cartridges for Pharmaceutical Coating Applications - AstraZeneca
  • Farr Gold Series for Pharmaceutical Packaging Line - Sanofi

Plasma Cutting

  • HemiPleat® Puts Snow Plow Maker's Dust Issues on Ice - Fisher Snow Plow
  • E&E Metal Fab Cleans Up with Farr Gold Series - E&E Metal Fab, Inc.
  • EPA Waves Emissions Test at Mere Sight of Farr Gold Series - West Texas Lee Company, Inc.
  • Micro Air's "Trial and Error" Can't Touch Farr Gold Series Spec - PNA Construction Technologies
  • Farr Gold Series Lights the Way for Jeffboat - Jeffboat, Inc.
  • Farr Gold Series Increases Worker Safety and Production - Kawasaki
  • Torit Loses Seat at Plasma Table, Farr Gold Series Cleans Up - Chatham Steel


  • Farr Gold Series GS32 Dust Collector Serving Household Waste Recycling Centre - Veolia

Rubber Grinding

  • Farr Gold Series for Large Tyre Manufacturer - Michelin


  • Sink Manufacturer's Dust Problems Down the Drain - Sink Factory, Inc.
  • Containing Limestone Dust in One Manufacturer's Cutters Bay - Indiana Limestone Co., Inc.
  • Farr Gold Series for Stone Carving Company Rocks! - Capital Stoneworks
  • Countertop Maker Meets Top Shelf Farr Gold Series - Natural Stone Concepts

Thermal Spray

  • Dust Collector for Fumes from HVAF Thermal Spraying - ABB
  • Farr Gold Series for Thermal Spray Processes - Thermico
  • Farr Gold Series Sparks Improvements for Electronic Component Manufacturer - Vishay Components
  • Fleet of Farr Gold Series Shifts Shops Into Turbo - Sulzer

Welding - Source Capture

  • Training With the Best System on the Market - CFP Qualitech
  • Dust Collector for Weld Fumes - KSVM
  • Refinery Expands, Fuels Needs For Farr Gold Series Fume Collector - Wyoming Refinery


Welding - Ambient Fume

  • Camfil APC Installs Farr Gold Series In Its Own Shop - Camfil APC
  • Railcar Repairer Stays On Track with Farr Gold Series® - Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc.
  • Farr Gold Series® Facilitates Fabricator Growth - General Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
  • So New, So Clean: Farr Gold Series® Keeps Manufacturer Clear of Dust, Fumes - Waconia Manufacturing, Inc.


  • Farr Gold Series Cartridge Dust Collector Provides "Vigilant" Protection - Vigilant, Inc.
  • Wood Dust Issues Chipped Away, Solved with HemiPleat - Wood Tech
  • Farr Gold Series Shines in Furniture Maker's Finish - New England Woodcraft
  • Curved Stairway Builder Goes Straight for Farr Gold Series - Weitco
  • Having a Farr Gold Series Is a Valuable Tool - Corrimal High School
  • HemiPleat Blowing Out Competitor's Build-Up - Showerama
  • Dust Collectors That Accommodate Your Needs - Cabinetec
  • Farr Gold Series - Cutting the Dust in Exhibit Works - Exhibit Works, Inc.
  • Farr Gold Series Held High by Display Fixture Maker - Colony Display Systems