Products - Industrial Dust and Fume Collectors

Farr Gold Series Dust Collectors

Farr Gold Series Dust Collectors
  • Modular design for flexibility
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Gold Cone™ HemiPleat® filters
  • Component configurations are virtually unlimited


Download Core Products Brochure

Download Core Products
Brochure (pdf)

HemiPleat® Dust Collector Filters

HemiPleat Dust Collector Filters
  • High performance filtration
  • State-of-the art pleat spacing
  • Size for nearly all industrial dust collector brands

GS Camtain® Dust Collectors

GS Camtain Dust Collectors
  • Pharmaceutical and hazardous dust applications
  • Safe Change Filter Replacement systems
  • Potent compound surrogate tested

GS4M Mini Dust Collectors

GS4M Mini Dust Collectors
  • Self-contained systems for 1,000 to 2,000 CFM applications.
  • Fully assembled and prewired unit includes fan, controls, motor starter, filters and cleaning system.

GSP Packaged Dust Collectors

GSP Packaged Dust Collectors
  • Smoke and dust collector for CNC laser and plasma cutters
  • Fully assembled and prewired unit - just plug it in!
  • Fan rated 2,500 CFM at 10" w.c.

Handte EM Profi Emulsion Mist Collectors

Handte EM profi
  • Top collection efficiencies up to 99.95%
  • Self-regenerating separation stages
  • Simple setup

Handte Oil Expert Oil Mist Collectors

Handte Oil Expert
  • Progressive filtration design
  • Modular design for flexible configurations
  • Easy filter change for simple and clean maintenance

Quad Pulse Package

Handte EM profi
  • A compact filter for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Economical, space-saving cleaning
  • Low pressure drop across the filter for energy savings

Handte Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers
  • No filter elements
  • The safest solution for flammable dusts and materials
  • Low-maintenance design

GS High Vacuum Dust Collectors

GS High Vacuum Dust Collectors
  • Vessel strength: 17 in Hg vacuum, 8 PSI positive pressure
  • 2 and 4-cartridge models
  • Use as central vacuum system, positive or negative product receiver or high pressure bin vent

GS-Mini™ Portable Dust / Fume Collectors

GS-Mini Portable Dust / Fume Collectors
  • Single cartridge dust collector
  • Mini solution for sub 500 CFM applications where you want a dedicated dust collector for one process machine or as a bin vent


  • Dust collector controls
  • Self-dumping hoppers
  • Extractor arms

Zephyr® III Portable Dust / Fume Collectors

Zephyr III Portable Dust / Fume Collectors
  • Three-stage filtration
  • For welding fumes, grinding dusts
  • 700 CFM at capture hood
  • Heavy duty fume arm is free of obstruction inside