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Farr Gold Series® Dust Collector Updates Provide Enhanced Ease of Use, Safety
Farr Gold Series® Dust Collector Updates Provide Enhanced Ease of Use, Safety (August 2014) - We have two significant updates to our line of Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collectors.
Camfil APC High Bay Office Expansion
Camfil APC Expands Corporate Headquarters, Opens New Office Facility (April 2014) - Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) has expanded its corporate headquarters with the recent opening of a 13,600 sq. ft. (1,263 sq. meter) office facility for sales and administrative staff.
Camfil APC
New Brochure Describes Dust Collectors for Mining Industry (March 2014) - A new brochure from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) describes the company’s line of Farr Gold Series® dust and fume collectors for mining applications.
Camfil APC
Camfil Acquires Handte (Feburary 2014) - Camfil APC announces the acquisition of Handte Umwelttechnik GmbH in Germany by Camfil.
Camfil APC
New Touch Screen Controller (January 2014) - A new Touch Screen Controller from Camfil APC provides full monitoring and control of all functions of an industrial dust collector and associated equipment.
Camfil APC
Video Case Study Describes Pioneering Application for Cartridge-Style Dust Collection (November 2013) - Camfil APC has published a video case study showcasing dust collection solutions for Watts Water Technologies, Inc.
Camfil APC
Camfil Names Magnus Yngen President and CEO (October 2013) - Camfil announces the appointment of Magnus Yngen as President and CEO.
Camfil APC
Clean Sweep Vacuum Accessory Keeps Dust Collection Work Areas Clean (September 2013) - Camfil APC introduces the Clean Sweep accessory to provide an economical clean-up solution.
Camfil APC
New Solenoid Controller Simplifies Timed Pulse Cleaning of Dust Collector Filters (August 2013) - Camfil APC has introduced a cost-saving Smart Solenoid STR Controller for applications where dust collector filters are pulse-cleaned based on timed intervals.
Camfil APC
Farr Gold Series® Dust Collector Skid Packages Offer Installation Ease and Cost Savings (July 2013) - Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC), now offers its Farr Gold Series® dust collection systems in a skid package that speeds and simplifies installation.
Camfil APC
Camfil APC Opens UK Manufacturing Facility (May 2013) - Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC), a leading global manufacturer of dust and fume collection equipment, today celebrated the grand opening of its new facility in the United Kingdom to serve industrial customers throughout the UK and Europe.
Camfil APC
New Dust Collector Hoppers Fit Low-profile Applications (March 2013) - Camfil APC has introduced two new dust collector hoppers for use where space constraints dictate the use of a low-profile dust collection system.
Camfil APC
Dust Collection Manufacturer Changes Name to Camfil Air Pollution Control (February 2013) - Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) will now operate under the name Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC).
HemiPleat eXtreme
New HemiPleat® eXtreme Dust Collector Filter Offers Higher Efficiency and Durability, Lower Pressure Drop (January 2013) - A new HemiPleat® eXtreme nano fiber filter from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) offers higher filtration efficiencies, greater durability, and better resistance to pulse-cleaning than competitive products.
Updated Farr Gold Series
Camfil APC Updates Farr Gold Series Dust and Fume Collectors (December 2012) - Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) has announced major updates to its popular line of Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collectors.
Remembering Tree
Camfil APC Unveils "Remembering Tree" Sculpture (November 2012) - Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) unveils a unique art piece to representatives, distributors and employees gathered for an international sales meeting.
Clean Air Rocks Video
"Clean Air Rocks" Video Takes Virtual Tour Through A Dust Collector (September 2012) - Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) has partnered with Arkansas State University’s Center for Digital Initiatives (CDI) to create a 3D animated video titled “Clean Air Rocks.”
New UK Facility
Camfil APC to Build New UK Manufacturing Facility (August 2012) - Camfil APC announces plans to build a new manufacturing facility in the UK that will serve locations throughout Europe.
Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter
Expanded Line of Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters (May 2012) - Camfil APC announces the expansion of its line of Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters.
Farr Gold Series Brochure
Updated Farr Gold Series® Cartridge Dust and Fume Collectors Featured in New Brochure (March 2012) - Camfil APC announces the release of an updated brochure describing the Farr Gold Series industrial dust collector.
Dust Collection Containment Video
New Video Discusses Dust Collection Equipment for Pharmaceutical Containment (November 2011) - Camfil APC's pharmaceutical market manager discusses how to achieve three goals for dust collection in the pharmaceutical industry.
Web 2.0
Camfil APC Launches "Web 2.0" Site with Videos, Chat and Social Media (September 2011) - The new features incorporate interactive chat, a comprehensive video library and social media.
Greg Schreier
Camfil APC Names Schreier Metalworking Market Manager (September 2011) - Greg Schreier has been appointed to the newly created position of metalworking market manager.
Capabilities Video
Dust Collection Capabilities Video (August 2011) - A new video showcases Camfil APC's dust collection products and capabilities.
HemiPleat Conductive Cartridges
HemiPleat Conductive Dust Collector Filters (July 2011) - The new HemiPleat conductive filter combines high filtration efficiency, long service life, and conductive properties.
Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter
Integrated HEPA Safety Monitoring Filter (June 2011) - The Farr Gold Series dust collector is now offered with an optional integrated HEPA Safety Monitoring Filter.
John Dauber and Tomm Frungillo
Camfil APC Promotes Dauber and Frungillo to VP Posts (May 2011) - Camfil APC announces the promotion of John Dauber and Tomm Frungillo to VP posts.
MFHAP Brochure
New Brochure for EPA's MFHAP Requirement (March 2011) - Camfil APC announces the release of a new brochure designed to help companies comply with the new MFHAP requirement from the EPA.
Free Dust Collection Seminars
Free Dust Collection Seminars (January 2011) - Introducting a new technical seminar program that focuses on how to understand and maintain dust collection systems for optimum performance.
New Product/Engineering CD
New Product/Engineering CD (November 2010) - A new Product/Engineering CD provides comprehensive information on dust and fume collection equipment.
HemiPleat Nano Filters
New HemiPleat® Nano Filter (July 2010) - Nano filter media provides higher filtration efficiencies, longer service life and a lower pressure drop than competitive nano fiber filters.
Farr Gold Series High Vacuum
Farr Gold Series High Vacuum Dust Collector (March 2010) - Camfil APC introduces an industrial dust collector designed for controlling emissions in high pressure applications.
Premium Effiency Motors
New Premium Efficiency Fan Motors bring Cost, Energy, Green Benefits (November 2009) - Camfil APC has become the first dust collection supplier to introduce a line of premium efficiency fan motors that offer operational and energy cost saving and green benefits.
Zephyr III Portable Dust Collector
Portable Pulse-Cleaned Dust and Fume Collector Offers Three-Stage Filtration (October 2009) - The updated Zephyr III portable dust collector combines three-stage filtration with versatility and ease of use.
Sustainability Brochure
Camfil APC Publishes Sustainability Brochure (July 2009) - The new six-page brochure summarizes the company's industry-leading green and sustainable initiatives.
New Dust and Fume Collector Delivers High Performance for Small Airflow Applications (June 2009) - The new collector controls emissions from small airflow applications up to 2,000 CFM and incorporates the best features of Camfil APC's premium Farr Gold Series cartridge collectors.
Self-dumping Hopper
Camfil APC Launches New Industrial Dust Collection Web Site (September 2008) - The new content-rich site provides viewers with easy-to-navigate paths to help guide and simplify dust collection decisions.
Self-dumping Hopper
New Self-dumping Hopper Simplifies Disposal of Dust from Cartridge Collectors (July 2008) - Designed to provide easy dust disposal while protecting against unwanted dust leakage between the collector and hopper.
FDC Controller
FDC Dust Collector Controller Ensures User-friendly, Reliable Pulse Cleaning (January 2008) - The unit monitors pressure differential across the filters to ensure more efficient pulse cleaning, reducing compressed air energy usage and extending filter life.
High Performance Explosion Vent
Farr Gold Series Cartridge Dust Collectors Now Offered with High Performance Explosion Vent (June 2007) - The multi-ribbed X-vent is NFPA approved and CD and ATEX certified for European use, and delivers a very high negative static operating pressure rating of -80"WC.

Notable Highlights

World Business Review TV Series
Camfil APC Appears on Norman Schwarzkopf's World Business Review TV Series (March 2007) - Company president Lee Morgan discusses the new technologies that Camfil APC has developed to clean dust and fumes from factory air. (Video posted for viewing.)
Retrofit Dust Collector Filters
HemiPleat® Retrofit Cartridges Offered - Camfil APC develops a full line of HemiPleat retrofit cartridges which may be used to upgrade performance or solve problems of existing dust collector systems.
John Dauber, North American Sales Manager
John Dauber Appointed as North American Sales Manager (July 2006) - Promotion follows 15 years of sales engineering and sales management experience in the dust collection industry.
HemiPleat HE Dust Collector Filters
HemiPleat HE Filter Media Offers Maximum Efficiency, Double the Service Life (June 2006) - The HemiPleat HE offers an unsurpassed MERV 15 efficiency rating, coupled with twice the service life and half the pressure drop of standard dust collector cartridge filters.
Lee Morgan, President of Camfil APC
Lee Morgan Named President of Farr Air Pollution Control (June 2006) - Joining Farr in 1997, Lee has held a variety of management positions in the company's air pollution control business unit leading up to his promotion.

Meetings and Webinars

NESHAP Webinar
Free Webinar to Explain EPA NESHAP Rule 6X (January 2012) - Educational webinar designed to help metalworking professionals to understand and comply with the new EPA regulation, which imposes stringent requirements for the exhausting of welding fumes and other processes that may contain hazardous air pollutants.
2007 International Sales Meeting
Camfil APC 2007 International Sales Meeting (November 2007) - Sales representatives from around the world attended a training seminar in Jonesboro, AR about combustible dust and industrial explosions.
Camfil APC Learn-Over-Lunch Events
Camfil APC "Learn-Over-Lunch" Events - These events provide a casual, yet effective way to meet with engineering firms and other customers to provide a demonstration of the Farr Gold Series and discuss technical issues regarding industrial dust collection.

Alerts and Advisories

Dust Collector Explosions
OSHA Requires Compliance with NFPA Standards for Combustible Dusts - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration warns of the dangers from combustible dusts, sending thousands of letters to business owners across America.