Farr Gold Series® Industry Applications

The Farr Gold Series has been successfully applied in thousands of installations. Below is a short list of applications that Camfil APC has expertly utilized the Farr Gold Series and other Farr products to solve customer dust and fume problems.

Blasting Welding Mining Thermal/Flame Spray Fiberglass Seed Processing Food Processing Woodworking Laser/Plasma Cutting Pharmaceutical Rubber Grinding
Abrasive Blasting Acrylic Plastic Air Blasting
Aluminum Aluminum Blasting Aluminum Oxide
Arc Spray Bead Blast Dust Bean Dirt Dust
Black Beauty Blast Rooms Blast Dust
Brake Shoe Dust Brick Cabinet Blasting
Carbide Tool Dust Carbon Black Cardboard Dust
Cast Iron Grinding Cellulose Flour Cereal Dust
Cement Ceramic Chemical Processing
Chrome Oxide Chrome Polishing Cigarette Dust
Clay Color Pigments Corn Seed Dust
Corn Starch Corrugators Cosmetics
Cross Flow Ventilation Crushed Rock Cutting Galv. Steel
Dried Soap Lubricant Dried Tree Bark Dust Dye Powders
EAW Spraying Egg Shell and Dust Emerald Creek Garnet
Excavation Sites Feldspar Fertilizer
Fine Powder Flame Spray Fiberglass Fine Grinding
Fine FRP Dust Fine Wood Sanding Flours
Food Processing Frit Fumed Silica
General Ventilation Glass Making Ingred. Grain/Agriculture
Granite Graphite Grinding
Grit Blasting Ground Powder Gypsum
Gun Powder Smoke Hard Foam Dust Herbicide
HVOF Incinerator Ash & Sand Insecticides
Iron and Chrome Iron Casting Sand Laser Cutting Fumes
Lime Dust Light Carbon Dust Lumber Mills
Marble Meat Meal Dust Metal
Metal Flame Spray Mica Mill Dust
Mill Transfer Points Mining Nickel Dust
Nickel Salt Nuisance Dust Nutritional Supplement
Ochre (Pigment Iron) Paper Peening
Pesticide Mixer Pharmaceutical Dust Phenolic Castings
Phthalocyanine Pigments Pill Dust - Talc
Plasma Cutting Plasma Spray Plaster Dust
Plastic Blast Beads Plastic Media Blasting Pneumatic Conveying
Polyester Short Fibers Polymer Dust Polyurethane Yarn
Portable Welding Powder Coating Powder Spraying
PVC Grinding Raw Agricultural Products
Rubber Cork Grinding Rubber Grinding Rubber Grip Sanding
Rubber Recycling Sand Sand Blasting
Sanding Sawdust School Wood Shops
Seed Processing Shot Blast Material Silica
Solar Panel Manufacturing Spices Starblast Media
Starch Steel Deburring Steel Grit
Steel Shot Blast Styrene Dust Tablet Coating
Tablet Press Talc Textile Dust
Thermal Spray Tire Manufacturing Titanium Dioxide
Toner Ventilation Welding Fume
Wheel Blasting Wood Zinc Almedia

For information on your specific application, please contact us for further detail and referrals.