Farr Gold Series® GS4M

Farr Gold Series 4-Filter Mini Dust Collector

The GS4M is for dust and fume applications up to 2,000 CFM. The unit is fully assembled and prewired - fan, controls, motor starter and cleaning system. Whether you need a small dust collector or mini fume collector for your business, the Farr Gold Series GS4M delivers high performance. It incorporates the best features of the Farr Gold Series into a compact and competitively priced unit.

Featuring an easy opening cam-lock door for maintenance friendly filter access, the entire unit is constructed from 10 ga. steel and is powder coated inside and out for corrosion resistance.

  • 3HP, 1,000 CFM at 9" w.c. or 2,000 CFM at 5" w.c.
  • Automatic, reverse pulse cleaning systems for long cartridge life, prewired to on-demand pressure control panel.
  • Flame retardant filter cartridges.
  • Built-in spark trap inlet to protect cartridges
  • Easy to remove aluminum drawers
  • Tool-less cam-lock cartridge removal
  • Built-in safety monitoring filter

The collector's extremely quiet performance and small footprint make it ideal for indoor applications, especially where noise and/or space constraints are a concern.


The GS4M has optional inlet configurations to accommodate different types of dust. In lieu of the dust drawers, the unit may be ordered with an optional dust hopper and leg support structure for discharging dust into a 55-gallon drum or other disposal device.

Additional options include an explosion vent, aluminum and stainless steel flex ducts, a spark resistant flex hose, HEPA filter upgrade for the safety monitoring filter and outlet weather cover.