Farr Gold Series® On-site Demonstrations

A Farr Gold Series demo unit is ready to come to you! A Farr Gold Series demo unit hits the road! A field demonstration of the Farr Gold Series in progress!

Camfil APC has a fleet of mobile dust collection systems that are traveling the Americas, Europe and Australia to provide training and education to customers. The trailer-mounted units are available for an on-site demonstrations of the Farr Gold Series. We're convinced that when you see the Farr Gold Series in person, experience how easy it is to change out the filters and feel how heavy duty the construction is, you'll agree that Camfil APC is the right choice.

The GS trailer units may be used for dust collection seminars or for more informal training on the basic principles of dust collector design, selection and operation. They are also being used at professional meetings, trade shows and Learn-Over-Lunch events.

Proper design and selection of dust collection equipment is a complex task that should be approached methodically and scientifically. Often, equipment decisions are often based on guesswork rather than science, which can lead to operational problems. Our traveling units provide a hands-on way to educate customers on the basics of dust collection and remove guesswork from the equation.

We currently have 60+ mobile units for programs that we conduct along with our network of representatives and distributors. Each unit is equipped with a high efficiency Farr Gold Series dust collector. This Farr Gold Series is widely used for removal of fine dusts and fumes generated during countless applications including welding, grinding, sanding, cutting, flame-spraying, metalizing and more.

If you are interested in an on-site demonstration of the Farr Gold Series, please fill in the information below or contact us by phone.